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For sliding doors or windows with sash weights of up to 250 kg.

More options and cost-effectiveness.

The operation is intuitive and effortless, the seal is continuous and efficient: Sliding saves energy with PORTAL ECO SLIDE! The explicitly cost-effective and, if required, barrier-free hardware solution brings the ease of use of lift-slide systems and the compression of parallel slide & tilt down to one single common denominator, even for sliding windows. This is provided by the assembly-friendly, perfect combination of a unique seal, special bogie wheels and innovative guiding and locking elements at all four sash corners.

ECO SLIDE provides enhanced freedom of design; especially when used in window systems where the hardware is superior to turn and tilt systems in many cases. Because there is more scope for contemporary concepts of design and individual room comfort when the sash runs in the track, instead of pivoting inwards, and yet is still tight and secure. But even in sliding doors, ECO SLIDE will push you right to the front. Because it offers solutions for PVC in dimensions ranging up to 4.40 m wide by 2.20 m high and up to 5 m wide by 2.50 m high for timber.